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Accepting you have a problem…

You know the biggest struggle that I have with Bipolar Disorder? It’s acceptance. Accepting that I have a chemical imbalance in my brain. Accepting that I may sometimes not be acting rational. Accepting that I will more than likely have to live the rest of my life in medication.

Acceptance is a hard pill to swallow. I still to this day struggle with even the idea with it. You can scream it to the whole world, but until you accept it, your screams do not make a difference.

I could sit here and try to advocate for mental health and try to teach people the ins and outs of it, but unless I am practicing the steps that it takes to obtain a stable life, I’m not a true advocate.

My entire life I have been famous for seeking treatment, taking my pills and then falling off the wagon at the first sign of normality within my mood. I finally realized at almost 30 years old that just because I finally feel better, doesn’t mean that, without the medication, I am better.

Then there is the therapy. I was never big on therapy, but I have to say, it’s all about finding your perfect therapist. Someone who understands and works with your illness. Someone who cares and has empathy. It can be very hard and time consuming, but it’s worth it. And therapy is a HUGE step to stability.

All in all, I want everyone to know that the posts you will read from me are genuine. I have finally come to accept my illness, even embrace it at times. I am practicing the steps to stability and all the experiences I share on here will be true and honest. It’s the least I can do for you, myself and the mental health community.

Until tomorrow.


mental health


My mind is a little off at the moment and that may be why I have been crazy shoving all this mental health stuff down your throat. But the truth is, someone needs to do it. Someone needs to show you that me being manic, me being a little spacey and out there, is ok. I am ok. We need someone to speak up and offer support and guidance instead of judgement and fear.

So here is the place to do that. I want to create a community free of judgement. Full of hope, success stories and support to those that really need it. Because lets be honest, we all need it here and there.

So help me create the support that the mental health community so desperately needs. Lets stop trying to face these battles on our own. Lets band together and fight together, lets uplift each other and educate others.

I will also be releasing my first full length adult novel with the next few months, it follows the story of a young woman struggling with Bipolar Disorder. It follows her before, during and after treatment. It is a huge eye opener for those who may not understand the illness. It is an inspiring book  for those with the illness. So be on the look out for updates on that. In the mean time if you have read this far, drop me a comment and say hi!

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-Michaela Cilley-