mental health


My mind is a little off at the moment and that may be why I have been crazy shoving all this mental health stuff down your throat. But the truth is, someone needs to do it. Someone needs to show you that me being manic, me being a little spacey and out there, is ok. I am ok. We need someone to speak up and offer support and guidance instead of judgement and fear.

So here is the place to do that. I want to create a community free of judgement. Full of hope, success stories and support to those that really need it. Because lets be honest, we all need it here and there.

So help me create the support that the mental health community so desperately needs. Lets stop trying to face these battles on our own. Lets band together and fight together, lets uplift each other and educate others.

I will also be releasing my first full length adult novel with the next few months, it follows the story of a young woman struggling with Bipolar Disorder. It follows her before, during and after treatment. It is a huge eye opener for those who may not understand the illness. It is an inspiring book  for those with the illness. So be on the look out for updates on that. In the mean time if you have read this far, drop me a comment and say hi!

Tell me something unique about yourself!

-Michaela Cilley-

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